The Shriners were founded in 1872 by a group of 13 Masonic members from New York City. These gentlemen wanted to create a club founded with the Masonic principals that was to inspire fun and friendship for all of its members. This organization prospered and as it grew the men who were part of this

decided that they could also organize themselves and their efforts by creating philanthropy. Envisioning a network of hospitals to provide medical care of an expert nature to children free of charge.

The first of the Shriners Hospital opened in year 1922 in Shreveport, Louisiana. Since then the Shriners have supported what is known as the "World's Greatest Philanthropy" with 22 hospitals.

The symbol of Shrinedom, which most recognized, is the distinctive red fez we wear to functions. Shriners are men who enjoy life, and fun is a large part of the Shrine and the activities that help support the Shrine's philanthropy. Most Shrine Temples sponsor Shrine Clubs and special units, such as the motor corps, band or clown units and many other units of interest. They share in the camaraderie, deep friendships and good fellowship that are all part of being a Shriner.

 The way to become a Shriner is to become a Mason as all Shriners are Masons first!

Masonry does not normally solicit members. No one is asked to join, and a man must seek admission of his own free will -- he must ask. In some areas, Masons are permitted to solicit new members. In all cases, a man interested in becoming a Mason, if he has not been asked, should consult a friend whom he believes to be a Freemason to secure his good counsel and recommendation concerning this important undertaking.


The Shrine of North America is a brotherly fraternity that is part of Freemasonry, the Shrine is dedicated to Masonic principles.

A Mason receives three degrees known as the Entered Apprentice, Fellow Craft and Master Mason Degrees in the Masonic Lodge, often known as the Blue Lodge. In Freemasonry, there is no higher degree than that of Master Mason (the Third Degree). Once the Third Degree is conferred you may then take a path to join the Shrine.

The Shrine Fraternit

y provides Masonic brothers a means to widen the fellowship first enjoyed in the Blue Lodge. It also offers men, their wives and their families an opportunity to meet new friends who have similar interests, tastes and feelings.

Motor Patrols History

From a single car in 1964, the Pyramid Shriners Motor Patrol has gone on to please thousands of people at parades, fairs and other special occasions. The Motor Patrol, with classic miniature Thunderbirds, Mustangs, Jeep and Model B's, race in circles, figure eights and other intricate maneuvers to please crowds. Children and adults alike are mystified to see grown men in such "tiny autos! They watch in amazement at the adept driving skills exhibited in such close quarters as cars weave and dodge one another. You and your organization will enjoy increased success with the addition of the